13-Moon-Oracle-Mask.jpgThe Dakini Rose Temple, primarily functioning as a sacred movement studio, offers ongoing Temple dance classes and workshops including Trinity Rose Format Temple Fusion Bellydance, Odissi classical Indian dance, yoga, and Crone yoga and dance. This potent, highly intentional space serves as home temple for the practice, crafting, and rehearsals of the modern temple dance company, the Dakini Rose Devadasi. The temple also holds space for circles, retreats, new and full moon ceremonies, sound healing, tantra workshops and talks, visionary art, film screenings, and whatever else spirit’s infinite imagination aligns to come through. The Temple ground been lovingly laid with bamboo floors, various cyclical altars, a sacred geometry granite fireplace installation, and a wall of mirrors adjacent another wall of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the gardens.

Just outside the space is the Serpent Palace that is home of three beautiful red tail boas: Artemis, Angelique, and Athena. These beings weave their interdimensional energy through the Temple, instilling the remembrance and practices of the sacred art of Serpent Priestessing.

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::Temple Dedication:: 

The Crimson Rose Skydancer

I am the Vajra Dakini of light, the color of crimson roses and flowing blood
I transmute life energies into their spiritual origin
By filtering out gross elements, and giving them form
By changing weak currents into strong ones, dribbling energy into pounding waves
Opening blocks and barriers so that pain and pleasure may be experienced in their full strength

I cause dry channels to become full, dying plants to become lush
Weak reed stalks to become trees, redwoods in strength and beauty
I am the guide and introducer of men to the spiritual path
I strengthen and purify them that they may encounter the great Buddhas of Light
I prepare them for the Great Awakening

I am visualized as such: The heart is cleared of all attachments
A mandala of a circle within a square is placed within it
It is surrounded by fragrant flowers, roses and lotuses, whose scents rise to the heavens
The mantra Ram encircles the whole, in a ring of fire
Within the mandala is my throne
I act as teacher as well as dancer
The lotus throne lies within the dark waters at the mandala’s center
Around it are triangles, like lightning in the waters
From here I judge and send out rays of compassion
Within the waters are distant sparks of light
Which, when approached, turn into the lotuses of Buddhas and enlightened beings

Within the mandala I stand
I harmonize the spiritual striving of all beings
I call them forth, into the realms of the enlightened ones
That they may pass through the dangerous waters
To watch the rising of the sun upon the other shore

Blessings of the roses of passionate love
within the silken scarves of the mind