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*NagaChandra : New Moon Serpent Dance: Monthly Ceremony with Monique Trinity RoseSerpent Dance Jan 2014



New Moon Serpent Dance

Moon~thly Ceremony with Monique Trinity Rose and serpent companions Pythia, Athena Rosa, Artemis Aurora, & Angelique  Ferocia                                                           

Every New Moon

**New Series Beginning April 17th

(email Monique to be put on the email list for exact dates and focal intentions)

6:30-9:00 pm

in the Dakini Rose Temple, Talent OR

$23 – $33 Sliding Scale Donation

Join Director of the Dakini Rose Gardens, Temple Dancer, and Serpent Priestess Monique Trinity Rose as we explore the infinite depth and wisdom of ancient Serpent Medicine in the fertile potency of the Dark Moon. Let us come together as our ancestors did in this auspicious monthly feminine portal, set and embody our intentions for the new cycle, breathe, stretch, pray, move through various yogic meditation practices and priestessing gateways, and dance our transformation with live serpent beings to the rhythm of the drum. Implementing the ancient shamanic technology of the frame drum, we will mindfully open the portal to the psychic domain of frequency, symbol, and archetype in order to transcend unconscious patterns and beliefs and rise into our authentic embodied truths. Guided by the merging of these advanced technologies of our ancestors, we may learn to commune with sensitivity and without fear with the unparalleled essential essence of Embodied Awakening that is Kundalini Shakti.

Bring a journal and water bottle, optional pillows, blankets, or backjacks for temple floor circling, and dress beautifully comfortable and empowered in your radiance! Please avoid wearing anything that would get entangled with the serpents (scarves, hoop earrings, anything sharp, etc.).

No technical dance experience necessary or required. Working with serpents is an intuitive, tantric, un-form prayerful embodiment.

Space is limited to 8 women and aligned Men. To make your reservation, please send an email to declaring your commitment and reserving your seat in this alchemical cauldron. Given that there is still space available upon receipt of your request, I will then send you a confirmation email with further details for our ceremony.

Into the next ring of the spiral we go…

Ari Nefer

~~~Create and bring forth Beauty~~~


*The Art of Ritual Adornment~ A ritual performance Costuming and Make-up workshop (Part of the “Temple Arts of the Devadasi” series)

*Priestessing adornments for Ritual & Ceremony*
*Temple Fusion Bellydance Costuming introduction and tutorial*
*Intentional Make-up as Art & Invocation for Performance and Ceremony*

Saturday March 8th, 2014Sacred Adornments shot- edited
1:00-3:30 pm
The Dakini Rose Gardens, Talent OR

In honor of the approaching season and our Rebirth of the Devadasi transmission coming up April 26th, I am excited to present this *rare* offering of an introduction to the art of sacred self-adorning! Monique will share the basics of her knowledge and experience of intentional aesthetics from her ever-unfolding lifetime of performance art!

Monique has been doing her own stage make-up since the age of 5 (ha! It’s true.) and has explored numerous styles, types of pigment, tools, and techniques in this form of ritual painting. She has also experimented with character & stylized makeup techniques, and will share her understanding of this. She will also give a faux eyelash application tutorial, which is a powerful piece and seems to be an anomoly to many women! If possible, please bring your personal make-up bag, an optional pair of false eyelashes & glue (can be acquired at any drug store), and a notebook.

The second segment of the workshop we will embark into the realm of sacred adorning/costuming with an emphasis in Priestessing and Temple Fusion Bellydance stylistics. Monique is a primarily self-taught designer and hand constructs nearly all of her one of a kind costuming pieces. This is the first time she will be offering an introduction the the elements of costuming, foundational construction, and tricks of the trade. You may optionally bring a project you are working on and/or a base bra or belt with items you would like to adorn it with. In this session we will be primarily focusing on bra-top costruction (due to upcoming costuming for Rebirth), but can also touch upon other elements as they come up. If you do not choose to bring elements for a project, you are welcome to simply take notes and observe the process!

It is unknown when this offering will happen again, so don’t miss this multi-dimensional sacred playshop! A new wave of Rebirth of the Devadasi and other community ritual offerings are just around the corner… Now is the time to use this last bit of winter to have indoor crafting time!
Open to all, no experience necessary.

8 Spots available, only via Pre-registration by March 3rd: $33-45 sliding scale donation.

Please email for inquiries and to reserve a spot for this long-awaited playshop. See you in the realm of the mythos!

*Equinox Soma Temple: An Evening of Traditional Tantric Arts for Men and Women

with Halo Seronko

Friday March 20th, 5-9:00 pmShivaShakti

As we approach the point of balance and equipoise between the lunar and solar energies on the Equinox, we come into a potent alignment for balancing the powerful internal energies of Shiva and Shakti in a collective prayer for harmony.

On this Spring Equinox, we are simultaneously in the dark of the moon, or the blood moon in Pisces, the final sign of the Zodiac. The sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, and this is a powerful meeting of lunar and solar energies in signs that are right next to one another, and also a beautiful alignment to bring ancient wisdom into a new birthing of potential for humanity; the potential of a balanced and harmonious way of being with all that is. To add even more potency to all of this, there is a solar eclipse happening the same day, that will not be visible from our standpoint, but the energetics are there to enhance our journey together as the moon crosses the suns path.

With all of this pranic activation, I invite you to join in a deep dive into ancient wisdom from the Tantric traditions of Sri Vidya and Kashmir Shaivism to harness this energetic portal in internal alchemy, and offer our work up to the collective unfolding of humanity!

In this mini intensive in Tantric practice we will explore our connections to, and embodiments of, Shiva (consciousness and transcendence) and Shakti (energy and immanence) through the traditional Tantric languages of Mantra, Yantra and Mudra.

We will explore our own sovereignty and innate wholeness through the indwelling energies of Kundalini (serpent fire) and Soma (lunar nectar), Sukra (seed) and Rakta (blood), Lingam (phallus) and Yoni (womb).

We will explore Asana, Mantra, Pranayama and Nyasa to open, awaken, and activate our chakra centers to allow for the experience of Soma, or bliss.

Once we have established a higher state of consciousness and self sovereignty, we will practice connecting with one another through this higher lens where the barriers of separation become softer, and explore conscious connection and transfiguration between the Shiva’s and Shakti’s present.

We will close our evening together with a worshiping ceremony where the Shakti’s will honor the Shiva’s, and the Shiva’s will, in return, honor the Shakti’s.

***This evening is a clothes on evening of *traditional* Tantric practice for men and women, held in a ceremonial container to allow for the highest unfolding and containment of our practice together.

***It is not necessary that men and women come as couples, and couples are very welcome to participate!

***Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring any additional means of comfort such as a sheepskin, shawl, extra pillow, etc., a journal to take notes, and an optional altar item aligned with your intention for the evening.

***Space is limited to 10 participants, and pre-registration is required. You can pre-register on Eventbrite with the option to either pay in full, or a deposit of half. The other half is due the night of the workshop. Please email Halo at with any questions.

***Eventbrite link:

***$66 donation for workshop.

***If you are unable to attend, please cancel 24 in advance, or the $33 deposit will be non-refundable.
See you in the Temple!


*Introduction to Magick Potions and 4 Week Love Potion #9 Workshop with Sarah Hirst

Magick Potion Making with Sarah HirstPotions Flier

Introduction to Magick Potions
Saturday February 1st 2:00-4:00pm
Open to All, Suggested Donation $10-30

Love Potion #9, 4 Week Magick Potions Workshop Series
Saturdays February 15th, 22, March 1st and 8th
Pre-registration, $120 Donation
Space is limited, email Sarah at to reserve your spot.

At the Dakini Rose Gardens Temple
119 Madison Street, Talent OR

The Introductory class is donation based and open to all! This is a great chance to just dip a toe into this ancient practice or get oriented to do the full series beginning with the full moon…

Following ancient wisdom, our inner knowing, and the rhythm of the moons, we will be making sprays, bath salts, and flower essences to take home and enjoy!
Getting acquainted with herbology ,homeopathy, and doctor Emoko (water crystal magic)…
Salts ,essential oils, and herbs from around the world will be introduced…
Working with your scents, intuition and guidance, you will design your own individual potions, and then use sacred art design, drawing, and intuitive naming to complete your elixir. Learn to trust your guidance and heal thyself and all.
Let the sacred feminine healing begin her dance in your life.

Bring any sacred objects, herbs, and pictures that inspire you to share in class and charge your potions.

Please bring a pillow or back jack for Temple floor seating comfort.

Email Sarah at with any questions and to reserve your spot.



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