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Current 2015 Ongoing Classes:

Intro to Temple Fusion Bellydance~ Monique Trinity Rose

Two sessions:

THURSDAYS  10:00-11:30 am

& 6:30-8:00 pm

Suggested Donation: $65 full series ($55 if known in advance that one class will be missed). No Drop-Ins currently available.

These 5 week series’ happen nearly consistently and are only available by pre-registration for the entire series (no class make-ups available). Information on this class is only sent out via private email list. If you would like to be placed on the list for information on the next available series, email See below for further class descriptions.

Intermediate/Advanced Temple Fusion~ Monique Trinity Rose

TUESDAYS 10:00-11:30 am Drills, Conditioning, Choreography

Upcoming Spring dates: March 17, 24, 31, April 14, 21, 28th

Suggested Donation: $55 5 class package (To be used over 8 class weeks), $13 Drop-in

These classes are more loosely held in 5 week sessions, though drop-ins *are* currently available. Must have completed a minimum of two Intro class series and get permission to attend these classes. Please email for more information.


Odissi Classical Indian Dance Stepping Classes ~Ruth Rhiannon (guest instructor, Halo Seronko)

SUNDAYS 10:00-Noon (All Levels/Beginner)

$55 Donation 4 class series (pre-pay at first class), $15 Donation Drop-In

Email Ruth Rhiannon for class session updates and more information @


Devadasis Ruth Rhiannon and Halo Seronko.

Crone Yoga and Intuitive Dance ~ Sylverleaf

MONDAYS 10:30-Noon

*Beginning Monday January 5th and continuing ongoingly thereafter

$10 Drop-Ins, $40 5 class card

For more information call Sylverleaf at 541-531-6654


Class Descriptions (for bios click on above instructor names):

Temple Fusion Bellydance

This revolutionary modern fusion practice, created and continually in development by Monique, is a unique merging of many different dance, movement, and yogic modalities from across the globe and human history, focusing primarily on Bellydance, Odissi Classical Indian temple dance, and hatha yoga.

The Thursday Intro classes are open to the community (including men and pregnant women) and is available to all levels, although some experience in either yoga or bellydance is optimal. Though the dance movements we will cover are foundation level (beginner/intermediate), the yoga and conditioning portion is moderately athletic, and thus some level of body awareness is necessary. Each class varies, but will generally include opening rituals, intention setting, yoga conditioning that will strengthen and open our body/mind and connect us to the breath, and set an intentional foundation for our dance including foot and arm postures, movement pathways, and mudras. We will also spend some time breaking down foundational bellydance techniques and geometries from several modalities (from Classical Egyptian to ATS and Tribal Fusion), drill, learn choreography, and explore the freeing and meditative experience of improvisation.

The Intermediate/Advanced class will take the foundation set in the Intro class and grace it to the next level of deepening and embodiment. Quicker pace, more layering options and drilling, more complex choreography, opportunities to experiment and interact with other dancers… We will delve into the depths of our bodies, our courage, and our willingness to explore self, our boundaries, and our creative voice. Some experience in both yoga and bellydance is recommended. By invitation only.

Dakini Rose Devadasi2

Monique & Halo, Dakini Rose Devadasi

Come ready work/play, sweat, and transform with your community in a nurturing environment of devotion, playfulness, and experimentation! Dress however you choose (though comfortable and ready to move) and bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and optional note book (community mats & water refills are available in the Temple). Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to sign in and get settled as we will be beginning on time. Contact Monique with any inquiries at or call the Temple at 541-897-0337.

Odissi Stepping Class

Odissi is a Classical Dance form from the Jaganath and Krishna temples of Orissa, India.  It is the ultimate meeting of grace and power, Shiva and Shakti; an empowering and beautiful way to cultivate discipline and devotion while balancing the body, mind and spirit.


In this ongoing series we will strengthen and tone our bodies to carry this divine dance with Odissi warm-ups.  Then we will move into the steps that make up this dance: 10 versions of the posture called Chouka (based on Jaganath), 10 versions of the posture called Tribhangi (based on Krishna), as well as the turns, mudras and foot positions of this intricate dance.  Please note, this is a foundational and conditioning class, choreography will be taught at a separate time if there is student interest.


Ruth Nelson-Moore has been studying this dance for 10 years with her highly esteemed teacher of the Mahari lineage, Ratna Roy in Olympia WA, as well as studying in the capitol of Odissi Bhubaneswar in Orissa, India.

Halo Seronko has been studying Odissi intensively over the past two years with her Guruji, Padma Charan Dehury in a small village called Katabahal in Orissa, India.

More detailed bios for Ruth and Halo can be found on the DRG Community page.

More more information on classes, please contact Ruth at or call 541-292-1986.

Crone Yoga and Intuitive Dance

Honoring Yoga moves for empowering and opening the Chakras, empowering Serpent medicine through Spine clearing…
Sylverleaf honors the varying needs and physical navigation of Crones & Elders whose bodies react/move in different ways.
We will breathe and stretch, and pay close attention to the needs and messages of the knees, hips, and entire body.

Intuitive Dance is for those interested in coming closer to Goddess Kali, Goddess of Dance, & Goddess Saraswati the Goddess of Truth, Knowledge, and Music. Learn to tap into Your inner Goddess with soft moves, allowing your connection to your Chakras to open, empowering the serpent within to rise up through the spine, and opening energetic pathways that have been closed for years. The Serpent needs a clear path to rise properly, come join in this Crone tailored new class being offered at the Dakini Rose Temple.

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