Dakini-Rose-Devadasi-Pranafest.jpg(Photo includes Ruth Rhiannon, Jumana King-Harris, & Monique Trinity Rose, Pranafest 2012)

The Dakini Rose Temple is held not only by the Guardians, but by the presence and devotional work of the temple devadasi. Dancers, artists, and musicians in daily practice and rehearsal, offering their heart centered presence and intentional crafting as service to the divine for their own transformation, and thus the transformation of all beings in all dimensions of reality.

With roots in Bellydance, Odissi Classical Indian Dance, Tantric Dance, and various other modalities of movement and sound technology, this revolutionary Modern Temple Dance company offers a kaleidoscope of authentic and innovative temple dance skillfully merged with poetry, prayer, song, and mantra. Their performance art transmissions bridge classical music and dance forms with today’s cutting edge global consciousness and electronically produced beats, creating an otherworldly experience of prayer in motion and archetype embodied. The epiphany of this work sends tangible waves of magic and remembering through the veils of consciousness.

Monique Trinity Rose serves as Visionary and Artistic Director of the Dakini Rose Devadasi Modern Temple Dance Company, with Solus being the Musical Director and Manager, and Ruth Rhiannon as Odissi Director. This group is ever shifting, growing, and evolving… Stay tuned for future manifestations and offerings…

To book the Dakini Rose Devadasi for performance, ceremony, or workshops, email Solus at soluslight@gmail.com.

Upcoming performances:

What the Festival, Oregon  June 20-22 ( www.whatthefestival.com)

Inlakesh Festival, Ashland Oregon June 27-29 (www.inlakeshfest.com)

Oregon Country Fair July 11-13 (Monique Trinity Rose guest soloist on the Gypsy Caravan stage) (www.oregoncountryfair.org)

Rebirth of the Devadasi, Ashland Oregon July 26th

Pranafest, Ashland Oregon August 22-24 (www.pranafest.org)


(Photo: Monique Trinity Rose, Halo Seronko, Sedona Soulfire, Tracy Windisch, Nagasita Tiare Tashnick (not shown in photo), Solus, Scott Miller, and Jesse Hendricks in the Dakini Rose Devadasi stage show, Symbiosis 2013)

Click here for a video clip of the above show.

Tribal Fest 2014

(Photo: Monique Trinity Rose, Ruth Rhiannon, Sedona Soulfire, Loraia Ward, Anandha Ray, Tracy Windisch, and Paulina Fink. With serpents Pythia, Medusa, and Manasa.

“Pythia Awakening” at Tribal Fest 2014.)

Click here for a video link of the above performance.

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