Sandstone devadasiDevadasi

(servant of God-dess)

Though the history of the Indian devadasi lineage is wrought with myth, scandal, and misinterpretation, we are rebirthing this term into a refined global, modern manifestation. We proclaim today’s modern devadasi as a conscious, artful human being choosing a self-proclaimed path of embodying spirit through the Beauty Way of the Heart. We step into the fire of transmutation, dance and sing in reverence to the universal mother/father Union, and walk our lives in prayer. We honor the earth/our bodies, ourselves as sacred sexual multi-dimensional beings, the celestial realm, our ancestors, and the seven plus generations to come. We are our own oracle and our own priest/priestess, and through heart centered art we shine the glory and divinity of life.

::c:: Monique Trinity Rose

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and the revolutionary Modern Temple Dance Company, the Dakini Rose Devadasi.

(Monique Trinity Rose & Halo Seronko in the Dakini Rose Temple. Photo by Scott Belding.)