Please visit the Guardian page for more information on Monique Trinity Rose.

Solus– Founding Managing Director

Solus.jpgSolus is a visionary healer and community builder who is wholly walking a path of service to the collective rebirthing that is currently underway. Through one facet of this path, he has been a pivotal figure in the evolution of the conscious electronic dance music scene for over a decade. Solus is currently available for spiritual counseling, Hawaiian shamanic private sessions, DJ facilitation, event production, classes and workshops in Kundalini Dance, and facilitation of heart centered communication and clearing for couples, groups, and individuals. For more information, rates, and other inquiries, contact Solus at

Sylverleaf– Priestess, Instructor, Gardens Steward & Director, Faery God Mother


Sylverleaf is our DRG resident Crone and Faery Godmother, and a fundamental element of the Dakini Rose family. A lifelong Priestess and Dancer of numerous lineages, she is a true being of Grace and Service to all she encounters. Sylverleaf is a director of the Temple grounds and gardens, and is the founding alchemista of Dakini Rose Potions. For more information on her ongoing Crone Yoga & Intuitive Dance class, visit the Ongoing Classes page.


Sharron Rose– Priestess, Instructor, Mentor, Scribe of the Dakini Rose Ministries

Sharron Rose, MA.Ed, is a true renaissance woman. A filmmaker, choreographer/ composer, author, teacher and performer, she has spent the past thirty years working in the fields of education and the esoteric arts to investigate integrate and impart the knowledge and wisdom of ancient and traditional cultures throughout the world. In 1999, together with her husband Jay Weidner, she founded Sacred Mysteries for which she has produced numerous internationally distributed films. Sharron is a revered and instumental priestess within our Southern Oregon community and is serving as Scribe of the Dakini Rose Ministies. For more information on Sharron, please visit and

Ruth Rhiannon– Priestess, Devadasi, Odissi Instructor & Director

Ruth Rhiannon comes to Ashland with over fifteen years dance training, and eight years Odissi dance training with Guru Ratna Roy, of Olympia, WA. Ratna Roy, a senior disciple of Guru Pankaj Charan Das, imparts a style of Odissi which is both lyrical and powerful, directly descended from the Mahari Tradition of Odissi dance. Ruth is a senior member of Urvasi dance Ensemble, a professional Odissi dance company based in WA state, as well as the Dakini Rose Temple’s primary Odissi Instructor and Director of the Dakini Rose Devadasi. Please visit for expanded dance bio and for more information on classes and upcoming performances.

HaloHalo Seronko– Priestess, Devadasi, and Odissi Instructor

Halo Seronko has found a deep and prayerful connection to source through dance for over a decade. This journey has unfolded from a place of loose spontaneous flow, to intricately structured form and choreography. It has taken her from fire dance performance at festivals around the West Coast, to studying bellydance in the San Fransisco Bay Area, and then to India to study Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance, which she has studied throughout the past three years with her Guruji in Orissa, India. It is her honor and mission to share the depth of this journey, and the beauty therein, with all sentient beings.

Fernande and Johnny, Angels of the Dakini Rose Gardens