The Dakini Rose Gardens, a facet of the Dakini Rose Ministries, is an international Non-denominational and unincorportated Spiritual Ministry, Temple, Healing Arts Center, and Permaculture based homestead property on a half acre private sanctuary in downtown Talent, Oregon. Our vision has been to create a small yet dynamic, private yet town-centric, donation based center for nurturing and balancing the outer and inner Earth/Body temple through the medicine of Sacred Arts, holistic healing practices, and Permaculture principals. Local community oriented, yet also available as a retreat/immersion center for the global community, the DRG is comprised of the residency of the Temple Guardians, the Dakini Rose Temple (home to the International Modern Temple Dance Company, the Dakini Rose Devadasi), the multi-zoned land and gardens, the Healing Temple, and the outdoor shower and sauna facilities… with future development ever on the horizon! Oriented around sustainability, the magic of Divine Union, the integration of spiritual and family life, and the art of New-Paradigm Being, this center integrates many lineages into a holistic and individual-based expression of conscious ecstatic living. May all beings find peace and balance, create each our own heaven on earth Here and Now, and remember the infinite power of the Beauty Way of the Heart.

Mission Statement:

The Dakini Rose Ministries, Gardens, and Temple is a sovereign entity existing to create a sanctuary for the re-birthing of sacred dance and temple arts, a small scale town-centered Permaculture resource, a shamanic healing center, and a community based avenue for direct, unmediated connection to Spirit and to the Earth.


Deepest gratitude to Johnny and Fernande Martinez, and Barry and Corinne Brown for the profound love and support in making this vision manifest. Deep bows to my partner in birthing this space, Solus, for your tremendous service to me and to the Temple over the years of this coming into being. I love you eternally. Thank you to Tony Corsini for your magician stonecrafting, Stephen Sweeney for your beautiful service of wood crafting, Todd and Amanda Higgins of Flower of Life Crystals for your crystal magic, Graell Corsini for your heart-centered offerings and inspiration, Tenley Wallace for invoking the dakinis, every community member who has graced the space with their medicine, and finally, the dakinis and dakas, ethereal and manifest. We bow to you… may we unite in love and service…

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